Work Environment and Industry Expectations

Because support services are needed in many different environments contexts, a computer technician might perform his job in one or more of the following contexts:

Business, school, organizational, or government offices: Many computer technicians perform their duties in an office setting. In some cases, the tech is an employee of the business, agency or organization and provides support services either within a department or throughout the entire organization. Computer support specialists who work for a contractor may be "on call" and make site visits to client offices to assist employees, troubleshoot, install software and help set up networks.
Call center: Some support specialists work remotely, interacting with clients and customers from a dedicated customer service and technical support call center. Call center support may be provided through phone conversations, chat or email.
Home office: Self-employed computer tax, as well as those who work with a tech support contractor, may operate out of a home office, either providing phone or chat-based support or commuting to client locations to provide services.
Homes and other facilities: Computer techs may find themselves working in retail stores, houses of worship, homes and other environments during in-person calls to resolve computer and software problems.
Retail stores: Computer technicians may be on staff in retail stores that sell software, computers and devices. These technicians may also serve in a sales role, assisting customers in finding products. There are also storefront computer repair services that service most machines and peripherals, regardless of brand.
Technicians can usually expect to work in climate-controlled, well-lit offices, homes and commercial facilities. Depending on the technician's role, he should expect to do a lot of sitting, especially if he works in a call center. Techs who make on-site calls or who are part of a company's IT department, may have to do some bending, stooping or lifting when troubleshooting, making on-site repairs or when transporting a machine to be repaired or stored elsewhere.

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According to the BLS, most computer technicians work full time. Work days and hours can vary significantly. Since IT systems are expected to be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there is always a need for technicians and support specialists to be available. Computer techs can expect to be asked to work evening and weekend hours. Evening and weekend hours may be required of all staff during any natural disasters that may have an impact on IT networks and systems.



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