Why is IaaS constantly growing in Brazil?

In addition to all these mentioned advantages - which are very important for companies today -, one of the explanations for the growth of adherence to IaaS in Brazil has to do with the digital transformation .

According to IDC consultancy , one in nine Latin American companies is expected to transform digitally by the end of 2018. In other words, it must undertake a conscious and strategic digital strategy.

Being one of the most important countries in the region (behind Mexico only), Brazil is seen by the international IT market as one of those that most adhere to new technologies, especially to simplify processes and enhance business results.

In other words, as Brazilian organizations of all sizes and in all segments feel the need to implement more technological resources, the need for increases in technological infrastructures also grows. With a greater understanding of cloud computing, more and more IT and business managers are opting for the “cloud first” model

It is also important to point out that IaaS, due to its innovative character, is a great differential for business. Through it it is possible to have the technological framework necessary to support Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence solutions etc. which have been widely adopted to make management more data-driven.

This is not to mention that infrastructures, as a service and other types of cloud approaches, make businesses more sustainable and environmentally responsible. After all, thousands of users share the same datacenter - each with their well-defined access levels -, which avoids fragmented consumption of electricity, for example.

There is also the fact that, as several companies use the cloud, deploys, failures, update tests and other factors that can complicate the life of an IT, are quickly detected and treated for everyone in that cloud. That is, problem solving in managed environments is much more efficient.

Information Technology Technicians assist employees of organizations by helping them install and configure system software and hardware. They offer system and operations support to the personnel on a daily basis.

Therefore, organizations looking to become smarter and, at the same time, control their IT investments have made IaaS their greatest asset. This is perfectly understandable in a country that has already understood how important technology is and seeks to rebuild itself so as not to miss the current global transformation flows.


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