What Are the Benefits to Hiring Contingent Workers?

Contingent workers offer small businesses a few key benefits. The biggest benefit of contingent workers is financial– because they’re not official employees, you don’t have to worry about benefits, vacation pay, and overtime. You’re only on the hook for the agreed pay rate. You’ll get the perks of an official employee without the piles of paperwork.

Contingent workers also provide valuable expertise. Let’s say you’re revamping your website, but no one in your staff has the right skills to get the job done. You have two choices: hire a full-time web developer or hand the project off to a freelancer. When you opt for someone in the contingent workforce, the job gets done by a seasoned pro.

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Another major benefit of a contingent workforce is flexibility. Temporary workers are there to suit your needs, whether you want help with a one-time project or need them to stick around for a few months. Once the terms you’ve agreed to are up, your professional obligation to this person is over. You can choose to work with them again–or you can end your business relationship right then and there.  It’s up to you (and to them) if you’ll use their services in the future.


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