The FortiGate SD-WAN

Fortinet made its name through the excellence of its network security software. It builds security features into its FortiGate SD-WAN. This product is an adaptation of the company’s top-selling firewall appliance, FortiGate.

The FortiGate SD-WAN is available as an appliance, a cloud service, or as a virtual machine. This is the Fortinet firewall with added SD-WAN capabilities. The WAN management tools in this package can create WANs across the internet. Features include WAN optimization and application prioritization.

Fortinet produces a long list of FortiGate appliance models with the main difference between them being the data throughput capacity that each can handle. The software version can run on AWS and Azure servers either as a SaaS package or on a “bring your own license” basis.

A companion product provides WAN management and monitoring functions. This is called FortiManager and it is also available as an appliance, as a virtual machine, and as cloud-based services resident on AWS and Azure servers.


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