Strong growth of IT Administrator

It’s always smart to enter a field where there are strong growth prospects. Network administrators have an outstanding job outlook for the coming years. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there will be a 12 percent jump in network administrator jobs over the next eight years for the United States. However, other forecasters put growth even higher, at 28 percent, or more than double the growth for the average profession in the United States.

The move to cloud computing certainly will increase demand for network administrators. We’re barely scraping the surface of what the cloud can do for businesses. Many will be moving their backup files to the cloud in coming years and there will be a big need for IT professionals who can oversee and troubleshoot these moves. IT professionals with experience using the cloud, and especially those who have taken classes focused on it, won’t have any trouble finding a job.

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The healthcare industry is in particular need of network administrators right now. Doctors’ offices, hospitals, and medical laboratories are pushing to go paperless, utilizing tablets and laptops instead of paper files. Patients’ medical histories, long confined to file cabinets, are going virtual and being scanned into computers. Furthermore, billing systems are entirely technology-dependent, which means a greater dependence on individuals trained not only in managing the network but also in data backup, because the contents of these sensitive files is so vitally important to patients’ treatment.


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