Profession of software engineer

With more and more companies automating their services and creating their own digital platforms, the software engineering profession was considered the 2nd best in the IT area in terms of growth and remuneration, according to the website specializing in technology careers, CareerCast .

The software consists of the “logical part” of the computer, which includes the operating system and programs. So, basically, these professionals design and guide the development of programs, applications and systems, so that they meet the requirements and fulfill the determined functions.

At the core, Systems Engineer helps in the coordination of different teams, testing, and evaluation for the development of design and its implementation for the best output.

Among the main duties of the software engineer are:

  • Develop software and apps
  • Manage software related projects
  • Architect the structural design of programs
  • Perform system tests

In addition to these, these engineers may have functions related to the administration of databases, maintenance of systems and even some documentation, related to project management and the composition of instruction manuals.


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