Prevention is the way

We started our conversation talking about the difference between Information Security, Digital and Cybernetics, we walked around knowing the types of attacks, we observed and got to know a little about LGPD and the Marco Civil da Internet, all with the objective of bringing you the compression that cyber attacks are present and that all companies are targets.

In view of this, prevention is the best way . Think now of the situation in which we live, this coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). You have received daily news about the numbers of deaths, people infected and the proportion that the disease has caused.

You are also aware of the need to wash your hands, use alcohol gel for cleaning, avoid leaving the house. In other words: you know the ways to prevent and take care of yourself. But he has chosen to remedy, to wait for the disease to arrive, with it the fever, the cough, and the terrible consequences of it.

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The Microsoft Office Specialist is considered an integral part of many businesses as they skillfully use an office suite to perform essential daily duties like written correspondence through MS-word, email programs, analyzing data sets.

Of course, this is just a comparison , but try to imagine. And now think about your company. How much is your information worth? Your reputation? And your relationship with customers? That's exactly what we're talking about when it comes to cybersecurity.  

That is why prevention is the best way, many companies only see the risks and their dimension after they have already been injured.  


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