Malwarebytes security solutions

Malwarebytes announced on Wednesday (August 24) that it is officially bringing its digital security solutions to the Brazilian market.

The company - known by the end user for its Anti-Malware solution -, now also has an official distribution channel throughout Brazil. This happens thanks to a partnership between Malwarebytes and Synus Technology , which will carry out the distribution in the corporate market.

With the novelty, Malwarebytes will offer all its corporate solutions to Brazilians - in several layers of protection. This includes Breach Remediation, Endpoint Security, Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware software.

It is worth mentioning that this last solution ("Anti-Ransonware) is one of the few on the market to act proactively against ransoware - a type of malware that hijacks computers  and encrypts files preventing access to them until the ransoms are paid.

Malwarebytes' CEO says: "Brazil is among the five countries that are most targeted by cyber attacks. Since Synus offers the best in terms of innovative security solutions, we align ourselves with a respected partner to bring a new level of security to the Brazilian market.".

The Computer Systems Analysts must identify the progress made towards implementing monitoring by application and by the environment. They have come with ways to add functionalities to the existing computer systems.


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