Know what it takes to be an engineer to thrive in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Engineers have been at the forefront of all industrial revolutions. From using steam power, electric power, IT and now the potential of digital, they have been able to streamline the daily routine. However, the world has changed since the first industrial revolution.

Businesses have taken magnificent strides, away from their origins, only to evolve and reach greater heights. It is difficult to imagine that Netflix started as a movie rental service and Amazon was just an online marketplace for varied goods. In such a scenario, is subject knowledge and engineering skills enough for engineers? The answer is no.

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“You definitely need to have the right domain knowledge but it will not give you an edge over the other individual who also has the same expertise. Companies are preferring engineers with business knowledge and project management skills to ensure smooth operations and better efficiencies. If you have global exposure in terms of working on international internship projects or competitions, that’s a significant advantage too,” says Dr Kamal Bansal, Dean, School of Engineering, UPES.

Keeping this in mind, UPES is ensuring that its School of Engineering students get a diploma in business management besides studying for an engineering degree. The University has also entered into an academic collaboration with the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) wherein the international faculty at LSBF will teach certain modules of the business management program to the UPES engineering students. After successful completion, the students will get their engineering degree and a business management diploma embedded with a certificate by LSBF.


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