Increased security actions in the cloud

As we have already said, cloud computing was a game changer for the corporate world. Today, almost no company does not use software as a service (SaaS).

What is trending now is the investment in incremental security actions in the cloud. This is because organizations are becoming aware that it is not enough to leave everything to the providers. The use of virtualized resources deserves attention from the internal IT team and, above all, care from users.

Purchasing backup services in the cloud is one of these trends. In a short time, no business will be able to afford to maintain sensitive data only in-house, because, as technology evolves, so do the risks.

As you have seen, there are widely available practices, methodologies and services so that mobility and security are not separate things in your enterprise. However, adopting them requires a less centralizing vision and a more innovation-oriented business culture.

The Information security engineer should work in collaboration with the information security team to offer support to security tools and technologies such as firewall, proxy server, remote access, and others. 

In the case of security in Cloud Computing, for example, having a company specialized in the subject means that the IT team has a partner who is always up-to-date with the latest in protecting the data produced, processed and stored in the cloud, ensuring the partnership between mobility and security.


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