How to choose the best identity protection service for you

All monitor your files with all three of the major credit-reporting agencies. All watch the "dark web" and other areas of online criminal activity for mention of your name, Social Security number, and credit-card and bank-account numbers.

In addition, each of these services sends you alerts via email and SMS text messaging. All have iOS and Android mobile apps. 

And if your identity is stolen while you're paying one of these services to watch it, each will spend up to

million doing the dirty work of restoring your good name and credit, including reimbursement for lost wages and stolen funds.

But the best identity theft protection services vary in how often you'll get credit reports and scores, and which bureaus you'll get credit scores from. Not all the services monitor your bank, credit-card and investment accounts.

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Last but not least, only IdentityForce among these services offers two-factor login authentication to protect your account. It makes no sense that the others don't, considering the sensitivity of the information they handle. It would be pretty ironic to have your identity stolen from an identity theft protection service.


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