Develop an IT strategy roadmap

To keep your team on track and manage their progress in implementing strategic IT planning, create a roadmap. Clearly describe all tasks that must be performed in a detailed schedule. Be sure to register:

employee responsibilities;
task dependencies;
start and end dates.

Use agile methodologies to organize your tasks and deliveries
Scrum is one of them and the one that I find most interesting, mainly because of the way we put the stories, which are the motivators of change. This helps to focus on the solution and delivery, but at the end of the day it will serve any methodology that helps you to check which tasks exist and need to be done, to prioritize them and understand what remains to be done to accomplish them.

It can be a picture on the wall or an online tool. A very good, free and without many limitations is the Meister Task.

What common mistakes should be avoided?
In order for the planning to be implemented in the best possible way, some very common mistakes must be avoided. Check out!

Skip the data collection stage
Today, when more data is available than ever before, many companies ignore this valuable collection of information and miss the opportunity to profit from it. However, the strategy based solely on your intuition and assumptions is bound to fail.

Devising a strategy impossible to transform into practice
This is one of the main reasons why many strategic plans do not help to assess and adjust the company's direction in relation to the desired results. Before designing strategic IT planning, clearly identify who is doing what and when. Know all of your team's strengths and weaknesses and find ways to bridge the skills gaps.

The Cyber Security Specialist monitors systems for any unusual activities.  They conduct counteractive protocols and report incidents. The professionals will examine and evaluate security strategies and defenses. It is the responsibility of the Cyber Security Specialist to create new defensive systems and protocols.


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