Data Science: what it is, how it works and what importance

Data science is the term used to determine a combination of various tools, algorithms and machine learning principles responsible for discovering patterns and insights from raw data.

In the middle of the Big Data era, when companies face the challenge of dealing with the huge flow of information generated by society, knowing how to use data science has become a business differentiator. It is a valuable tool for exploring and processing these large volumes generated from a variety of sources.

Knowing this, we have prepared this article to detail all the important topics that involve this subject. Check them out:

What is data science?
Data Science is a multidisciplinary field of study that encompasses data, algorithms and technologies capable of extracting value from structured or unstructured data and solving analytically complex problems.

From the vast amount of raw information transmitted and stored by companies, data scientists combine a range of skills, including statistics, computer science and marketing, to analyze all sources and obtain accurate results.

This study reveals trends and produces information that can be used strategically by organizations in making important decisions, in creating new products, services and other innovative ways.

Although this area of ​​study is essentially multidisciplinary, its foundations are statistics and mathematics. Through them it is possible to build analysis models for future prediction, differentiating Data Science from previous methods.

The beginning of this science was due to the unimaginable increase in unstructured data that is currently available thanks to the digitization of information.

In addition, its emergence was possible due to the advancement of cloud processing capacity, which is superior to traditional processing, which until then was expensive and inefficient for large amounts of data.

In a nutshell, working as a Cyber Security Consultant means that you will be responsible for keeping a client’s data suitably protected and free from the risk of cyber attacks and related problems

In this way, the computational capacity available in services in the Cloud allows the rental of hardware on demand and the maximum efficiency in the analyzes, enabling the projects of the corporations.


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