Competitive differential equal to everyone else's

The problem is that recognizing the purpose is a beautiful challenge for many companies, as I mentioned in other articles, and it starts with a great detachment, which is the search for selling anyway.

And as this is difficult, then the easy path is chosen, and here come the Competitive Differential theorists , with several tips on how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

I like to search for theoretical definitions on Google, and this is the one that stands out when we search for the definition of Competitive Differential :

“ Competitive differential are attributes that make the company unique and superior to its main competitors. These are the exclusive advantages and benefits that the company provides to its clientele and that the competition has not yet been able to offer. ”

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This definition is exactly what is still taught in colleges and MBA's out there, not to mention the various books and "masters" with definitions and theories such as, for example, the Five Competitive Forces, by Michael Porter.

But do I consider this definition totally wrong? No. I just consider it as simplistic and generic as any I have found on the subject, and this means that many professionals and companies do not really understand what is different and, in the end, build differentials that are no different.

But I will analyze this definition in more detail then, starting with the first part: “ Competitive differential  are attributes that make the company unique and superior to its main competitors.”

The problem I see in this sentence, despite being well constructed, as every theory should be, is that it speaks without saying. When the word attributes is used, it is understood that the differentials must necessarily be concrete and recognizable in a conscious and even rational way. But who said that the consumer is such a rational being? For example, why is there so much noise in the market every time Apple launches a new iPhone and certain people queue for hours to buy the device, but isn't it the same every time Samsung releases a new version of the Galaxy? I guarantee that Apple's attributes are not rational and more, if we ask the people in the queue, each one should mention different attributes, so they are also not so concrete.

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