Career path of IT

Whatever career path you choose, you will initially tend to choose one of two general technical routes: 1) hardware, or 2) software.

People who choose to take the hardware career path work with the physical parts of computers, networks and telecommunications apparatus. They deal with network cables, motherboards, desktop units and computer peripherals etc. There are a wide range of different jobs in this area, including technical support engineers, network engineers and infrastructure architects.

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People who choose to take the software career path work with the intangible computer programmes, which make computers or telecoms systems function effectively. They deal with operating systems, programmes, applications, websites, databases, computer games and so much more. There’s absolutely shed loads of different jobs in this area of I.T. and telecommunications, including web designers, software developers and software testers.

Alternatively, some people who work in I.T. and telecommunications choose to work in a less hands-on technical role and become involved in I.T. consultancy careers. These guys simultaneously analyse and assess other companies’ I.T. systems and their business requirements. They then offer expert advice and planning services to help companies use I.T. and telecommunications solutions to improve their productivity and achieve their business goals.


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