Beware of social networks

Spear phishing requires study, so you may be being watched, not at work, but in the virtual environment. Beware of friend requests that you accept, avoid accepting invitations and requests from strangers as they may only be intent on observing your habits and content in order to find an opportunity to cheat.

Let's take an example: imagine that you work in a fabric company and confirmed your presence at a Textile Industry Fair in the city of São Paulo. Confirmation is made via Facebook, and your friends can see that you have confirmed your participation.

Out of nowhere, a person adds you on Facebook (after analyzing which company you work for, something that can be hidden in privacy policies) and sends you via chat a message saying “hello {your name}, I saw that you are going to participate in Textile Fair, do you want to get 25% discount in the food court? Just click here and fill in the data ”.

The engineer also assists end users in deploying SonicWall network security products like VPN solutions and Firewall. They go through the SonicWall cyber threat reports identifying any threats.  

The person may not even suspect the attitude and find that approach very sympathetic and strategic, however, it can be a scam, and all the information necessary to create the problem was "provided" by you, via social networks, without any need for illegal activity .

Be very careful with networks, especially with approaches from strangers, malicious links and very appealing content (they are usually the famous clickbaits).


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