Becoming a Contingent Worker Fits Your Lifestyle

Becoming a contingent worker could be the answer you’re looking for, whether you’ve lost the drive to perform in your current role, lost faith in your current company or just want to try something different with your career.

What Is a Contingent Worker?
A contingent worker is an individual who is not an employee of a company, but somebody who is brought in on a temporary basis either through a time-sensitive contract or on a project-by-project basis. These individuals work for themselves or through a temporary staffing service like STS Staffing, and flow from one company to the next as special assignments arise.

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If your company has ever planned a big celebration for their 50th anniversary, it’s likely they hired a specialized event planner to work temporarily on throwing the important birthday bash. The party planner works for your company until the job is done, collects a paycheck and then they’re gone.

If you think it sounds like the event planner has a pretty flexible schedule, you’re right. And that’s not the only benefit. Here are 6 other contingent worker advantages.


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