Artificial Intelligence (AI-led)

Artificial Intelligence – the application of computer science  to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence – has a significant role to play in workforce management to automate workflows and help in decisions that can help to reduce workloads.  Examples include:

Re-discovering talent that has applied previously for roles or may exist somewhere in your directly addressable talent pool
Using chatbots to perform mundane, repeated communications that often take place with background checks, on-boarding and interview scheduling
Posting jobs to the most appropriate channels by learning from previous experiences
Running digital interviews
Pre-screening of resumes to ensure CVs satisfy minimum requirements and improving the quality of hires by matching job requirements to applicant CVs without installing any bias into the process
Companies like Simplify Workforce offer AI-enabled technology platforms to embed the potential of AI tooling as part of its data processing capabilities, embracing many of the use case examples highlighted above, although robotized video interviews are still a way off.

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