2021: Digital labeling of antiseptics is launched in Russia

On March 24, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation announced the approval of a draft government decree on conducting an experiment in the country on digital labeling of perfumery and cosmetic products intended for hand hygiene with the antimicrobial effect declared in the labelling of consumer containers, as well as skin antiseptics - disinfectants, Industry and Trade Minister [[Manturov Denis Valentinovich} Denis Manturov]] explained that the decision on the need for an experiment was made following a meeting of an interdepartmental working group under the State Commission with the participation of manufacturers, representatives of specialized non-profit public organizations and federal executive authorities.

IT support technicians play a vital role in enterprise computing and networking environments. This educated professional identifies and resolves technical issues in an enterprise setting. The Ministry of Industry and Trade named the dates of the experiment on the labeling of antiseptics In Roskachestve also support the experiment.

The head of the department, Maxim Protasov, said that the study of hygiene products with a declared antimicrobial effect on the Russian market had been completed by the end of March 2021. The results of the study are planned to be announced in April. The head of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Vladimirov, noted that during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Stavropol chemical enterprises reoriented themselves to the production of disinfectants and skin antiseptics.

This helped to ensure the protection of people in a difficult epidemiological situation. " Nevertheless, even in our region, which independently produces antiseptics, there are cases of the appearance of dubious cosmetic products that are passed off as disinfectants. Labeling of cosmetic products is required. So we will protect people from counterfeiting, honest business - from unfair competition, and the market will become more transparent, - he added. " The specific date for the introduction of mandatory labeling of sanitizers and antiseptics will be determined by the government based on the results of the experiment.


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